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During his distinguished broadcasting career, host John Hockenberry has collected four Emmy Awards, three Peabody Awards, and an Edward R. Murrow Award. He's a gifted storyteller and advocate for all those who seek to understand the world around them. No one is better than the original host of "Talk of the Nation" at building midday audience.


Last year it was the Murrow, this year it's the Gracie! The Alliance for Women in Media announced that
"The Takeaway" will be honored with the prestigious award for, “Under Her Skin: Living With Breast Cancer,” a six-month series that journeyed with three African-American women stricken with the disease.

Listeners were first introduced to Lisa Echols, a 46-year-old mother who made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy. Listen to Lisa’s story via the timeline below!


When big news surfaces, "The Takeaway" is there with deep insights from knowledgeable guests, steeped in the issues at-hand. Editorial collaborations with local stations and producing partners, the New York Times and WGBH-Boston Public Radio, also ensure a robust, well-informed discussion.

Brutality of Assad Regime
A new art installation at the United Nations captures the raw horror of the Syrian civil war. United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power struggled to find words after walking through the exhibit: "What can one say? Of old people, women, kids? This regime has no shame."

Confronting ISIS
In a conversation with Takeaway' Todd Zwillich, Dr. Henry Kissinger argues the United States must take the lead in the face of the Islamic State in Iraq or ISIS

On-the-Ground Reporting

Ahead of the 2014 midterm election, Takeaway Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich traveled throughout the South to hear from voters. One stop along the way was Tennessee, where the most-pressing issue wasn't who to vote for in the U.S. Senate or gubernatorial races, but rather the ballot initiative about abortion.


Listener engagement provides the cues "The Takeaway" uses to determine which stories merit attention or further exploration. Whether its comments on the program's website or social media channels, or recorded messages from calling 1-877-8-my-take — listeners hold the editorial reigns.

Beyond Ferguson

"The Takeaway" was the first national program to provide dedicated coverage to the events in Ferguson last summer, with a full hour featuring local voices, listener contributions and smart commentary.

The dialogue was then extended with listeners in a robust #BeyondFerguson Twitter chat with John Hockenberry.

The Joys and Complexities of "Thank You"

In this episode, "The Takeaway" handed over the program to listeners who shared stories about the simple expression, "thank you." Most shared their experience in light of what they had heard on the program. Like one woman, who talked about her battle with breast cancer after hearing "The Takeaway's" "Under Her Skin" series.

The GMO Debate: Listeners Respond

Listener phone calls and comments came pouring in last year after John Hockenberry's conversation with Cornell scientist Mark Lynas. Lynas is one of the founders of the anti-GMO movement, but now says his former convictions reject sound science.

So, what did "The Takeaway" do with this input from its audience? They incorporated it into the show! Have a listen.


AQH and Cume source: Nielsen Audio Nationwide, DMA Persons 12+, Fall 2014 based on station broadcast schedules.

From Spring 2014 to Fall 2014, national tune-in for
"The Takeaway" climbed 11% to a record-high 1.9 million weekly listeners. AQH is up too — a 13% increase! Now heard on 248 stations, here’s a taste of that success across the country:
  • KNOW/Minneapolis-St. Paul recorded a 56% increase in AQH and 30% increase in cume from Spring - Fall.
  • WLRN/Miami saw a 31% increase in AQH and 31% increase in cume.
  • WKSU/Cleveland-Akron’s AQH and cume both grew 11%.

At 9am on KUOW/Seattle, The Takeaway draws a 5.3 share, compared to its overall midday share of 3.6.

At 9am on OPB/Portland, The Takeaway produces a 6.6 share — exceeding its overall midday share of 5.8.

At 8am on KCPW/Salt Lake City, The Takeaway produces a 0.7 share, compared to its overall midday share of 0.3.

Share Source: Nielsen Audio, Metro Persons 6+, Fall 2014 based on station broadcast schedules.

As of 3/17/15, "The Takeaway" can be heard on 248 stations across the country!


Here are some testimonials from Peter Maerz (WLRN), Keith Neisler (KUT), Christine Dempsey (WHYY) — who decided to air the program at noon — along with others about the program:

Will rotate below:

"The Takeaway" was the natural choice for KUT when we transitioned to an all-news format. Their willingness to partner with local stations to provide a wider context to a particular issue lines up with our mission to provide the connection of national issues and local viewpoints. It is the commitment to providing stories from a variety of viewpoints and the relevance to the listeners that has allowed ‘The Takeaway’ to become a part of our schedule."

-KEITH NEISLER, Program Director, KUT, Austin
"After looking at data and the success other stations have experienced with the addition of the program, I am hopeful that 'The Takeaway' will increase our midday audience numbers and serve our community well. I am also looking forward to having John Hockenberry on WHYY's main channel. I became a Hockenberry fan when I first started listening to Heat in the 1990's. Over the years I have always been impressed with the caliber of his work. He is simply one of the best broadcasters of the past 20+ years."

-CHRISTINE DEMPSEY, VP & Chief Content Officer, WHYY, Philadelphia
"It’s a terrific show. I love the hosting, the content, the pacing, the open and friendly style, and the way it connects one to one with the listener."

-JACKIE SAUTER, Program Director, WSLU, Canton, New York
"Today is the second day of the fall on-air fund drive and fundraising during the program is exceeding expections!"

-JEFF HANSEN, Program Director, KUOW, Seattle


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