Welcome to PRI's Intranet

Links to Corporate Web Sites

  • InfoSite
    Affiliate station extranet site for program info, carriage reporting, etc...

  • Pro.Net
    Station Syndication site for producer access to carriage data, file upload, etc...

  • Huxley
    Station Syndication site for contact management, carriage data, labels, etc...

  • Public site (pri.org)
    Public site for general programming info, funder and press resources, etc...

  • Sponsorship Extranet
    Sales proposals, inventory, sponsor contact mangement, etc...

  • Weekly

  • Officers

HR Resources:
  • Employee handbook

  • Staff phone and emergency contact lists

  • HR forms (leave, flex, time sheets, etc...)

  • Link to job openings on public site

  • Link to Lincoln National

  • Other HR-related links

Finance/Admin Resources:
  • Expense Reports

  • Check Requests

IT Resources:
  • Links to productivity apps, QMPro, MMaker websites

  • Request for A/V/computer equipement (projector, Internet access)

  • IT policies and procedures


Other Stuff: